Vision, Mission & Aims


At Calverley CE we believe that all children have a right to be happy, valued and safe. We are proud of our caring school community where we work together for the benefit of every child. We believe that all children should feel clever, motivated and inspired. We have high expectations, and a firm conviction that all children have talents and can achieve greatness.We want all our children to believe in themselves, to be independent and develop a love of learning.



Based upon the teachings of Christ

  • we view each child as an individual and strive to enable all to achieve their potential 


  • we aim to develop a supportive community of school, home and church


  • we aim to develop tolerance and self respect


  • we aim to provide a curriculum that inspires, excites and leads to achievement


  • we have high expectations of attitude, behaviour and conduct, preparing all in our community to be good citizens now and in the future