Collective Worship



KS1 Collective Worship (Large Hall)

KS2 Collective Worship (Small Hall)


Whole School

Rev. Phil/Open the Book  (alternate weeks)


Class Collective Worship



Phase Collective Worship

Worship Through Song (alternate weeks)


Celebrating God's Gifts

Picture News Collective Worship (alternate weeks)


The School Day


School is open during the following hours:


8.55am - 3.20pm


Each key stage runs on a slightly different timetable. Please find details below.

Foundation Stage

(Reception Class) 

 Session  Time
 Morning 8.55am - 11.45am
 Lunch 11.45am - 12.45pm
 Afternoon 12.45pm - 3.20pm

Key stage 1

(Year 1 & 2) 

Session Time
Morning 1 8.55am - 10.30am
Break 10.30am - 10.45am
Morning 2 10.45am - 12.00am
Lunch 12.00pm - 12.45pm
Afternoon 1 12.45pm - 2.00pm
Break 2.00pm - 2.15pm
Afternoon 2 2.15pm - 3.20pm


Key stage 2

(Year 3,4,5 & 6) 

 Session Time 
Morning 1 8.55am - 11.00am

11.00am - 11.15am

(Y3 break with Y1&Y2 at 10.30am)

Morning 2 11.15am - 12.30pm
Lunch 12.30pm - 1.15pm
Afternoon 1  1.15pm - 3.20pm
Daily Mile  During afternoon session
 Snacks & Milk


The children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 receive a free piece of fruit each day. In Key Stage 2, children are permitted to bring a healthy snack for break time, such as a piece of fruit.


Milk is available to all children. Please see the link above.