Speaking and Listening games

Speaking and listening games are vital for your child's development for a number of reasons:

  • Children have the opportunity to explore reasoning language that they will then hopefully apply in writing later on e.g. Early years & Milestone 1 children (year 1 and 2) will use: because, I agree with, I wonder, sometimes, I think…Milestone 2 children (year 3 and 4) will use: however, I would just like to offer some more information before I continue, I would just like to add…Milestone 3 children (year 5 and 6) will use: The evidence suggests that, I would like to summarise…

  • It provides children with an opportunity to listen to the views of others but also to have their voice heard and justify their decisions

  • Supports children in articulating an opinion

  • Through using language and hearing how others use it, children become able to describe the world, make sense of life's experiences and get things done

  • They learn to use language as a tool for thinking, collectively and alone

Below are a list of games you and your child can play together: