Internet Safety

The digital age provides us with a mass of opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills and to provide a stimulating platform for childrens learning across areas of the curriculum. Technology, whether cameras, ipads, games consoles or everyday objects (such as traffic lights) has an important place in our society; the exciting and engaging challenges can significantly improve motivation and understanding. Our role is to enable children to make sense of the cyber world.

At Calverley CE Primary School, we support the use of technology both at home and at school, and realise the significant improvements which such experiences offer.


Making the internet a safer place

Using the internet is an essential tool for many purposes, such as researching and communicating. However, safety is paramount. Educating children about the issues surrounding internet safety forms part of our Computing curriculum across school. 

There are many sources of information available in order for parents to be more aware at home. We have included a few useful checklists here to support you in being 'Internet Safe'.