Data Retrieval and Organisation

Digital Imagery Year 1

During our photography topic
we learnt to take pictures
of places in school that
were special to us, using
an iPAD.

We learnt to use different
software to change the
colour, the border and add
clip art images.

Digital Imagery Year 5

JH and SL - Our task was to create photographs with the theme 'friendship'. We thought carefully about the angle of the picture. We thought that a birds eye view was more interesting than seeing friends hugging or a 'front shot' of friends.

CH and EK - We thought about the editing process once we had taken our friendship themed photograph. We cropped unwanted parts from our photo it was framed as we wanted it. We then added a B/W effect to show that friendship is forever. B/W also showed light/dark well giving the photograph some depth.

NI and HH - we decided upon hands as our image for friendship. We used the 'splash' edit effect to add colour to parts of the photo. The photo shows race/culture/skin colour is no barrier to friendship. We added text, carefully choosing the colour for the font to complement the tones of the photo.

Movie Making Year 1

Movie Making Year 5

The children used iPad to capture
still and moving video images.

They created their own book trailers
building on skills learnt in the
digital imagery strand.

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