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The National Curriculum sets out what children should be taught. Attainment targets set out the expected standards of pupils’ performance, and schools may choose how they organise their school curriculum to cover the programmes of study from years 1 to 6. Children in their reception year follow the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Curriculum was revised by the Government in September 2013 and a guide for parents can be found here:




British Values are very much part of our curriculum and you can read our statement by clicking on the link.

 Our Curriculum Statement

At Calverley CE Primary we provide the children with a curriculum which is broad, well balanced and above all stimulates the children to learn. In addition to acquiring skills and knowledge help the children to grow in confidence and maturity so that they can enter secondary school, and later, adulthood with the ability to pursue wholeheartedly, academic social and cultural activities.


We deliver programmes of study that meet the National Curriculum requirements issued by the DfE.

 This National Curriculum comprises of three core subjects:

English, Mathematics, Science


And foundation subjects:

History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education (PE), Computing, Religious Education and MFL (Modern Foreign Languages)

The teaching of Religious Education is statutory in all schools. As a voluntary aided school, we follow the Dioceses of Leeds and York Diocesan Syllabus for Religious Education.  For more information see our Religious Education page

At Calverley CE Primary School we place great emphasis on Numeracy and Literacy as these underpin many of the other aspects of the taught curriculum.

Whilst the core subjects are taught on a regular basis the foundation subjects may be taught as blocks of work over a matter of weeks.

The planning of the curriculum is based around a rolling programme to ensure coverage of selected topics by all children who progress through the school. The rolling programmes for both Key Stages make use of our local environment. We also study other localities so that children gain an understanding of Britain as a diverse society.

This programme is regularly reviewed to ensure compatibility with new directives or to make necessary improvements to the existing programme of work. The National Curriculum was revised in 2013 reducing the content prescribed in the previous document and this was implemented in September 2014.

At Calverley CE Primary School we seek to create opportunities for children to experience and excel in a range of activities that enhance and extend National Curriculum. Children have opportunities both inside and outside the classroom eg Den building days, Residential trips, drama workshops, a variety of sporting events, visiting theatre companies and art projects. We also have excellent after school clubs.

We also value the role of modern foreign languages in the curriculum and French is taught throughout the school from Year 3 to Year 6.

When children leave Calverley CE Primary School at the end of Year 6, they should be equipped with the full range of skills that enables them to become lifelong learners.


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